The Official Website of the olds grizzlys

The Official Website of the olds grizzlys

Nov 22 FINAL
Oilers 3
Grizzlys 2
Nov 22 FINAL
Crusaders 0
Bandits 2
Nov 22 FINAL
Bobcats 4
Kodiaks 5
Nov 22 FINAL
Pontiacs 4
Dragons 3
Nov 22 FINAL
Wolverines 3
Oil Barons 2
Pontiacs 6
Grizzlys 7
Nov 23 FINAL
Crusaders 5
Mustangs 3
Nov 25 4:00pm
Dragons -
Kodiaks -
Nov 25 7:00pm
Canucks -
Grizzlys -
Nov 25 7:00pm
Thunder -
Saints -
Nov 25 7:30pm
Eagles -
Mustangs -
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Market your business with the Grizzlys

The Olds Grizzlys would like to thank all businesses who support the organization.  Without them, Junior A hockey would not be possible in Mountain View County.


The Olds Grizzlys Junior A Hockey Club Offers:

  • Year round advertising opportunity

  • Great exposure in the multi purpose Olds Sportsplex

  • A sense of community pride supporting hockey passion for young and old 

  • A unique opportunity to brand your company


If you are interested in advertising opportunities with the Olds Grizzlys hockey team, please contact Joel Hunter at 403-556-1121 or