2019 Bantam AA Tournament Schedule and Scores

Thursday January 17th Main Ice Surface

3:45pm Olds Grizzlys 10 vs. Knights of Columbus Shamrocks 0


Thursday January 17th Auxiliary Ice Surface

4:00pm Edge Varsity 4 vs. Foothills Bisons 3

6:30pm Red Deer Ramada Chiefs 3 vs. Internatiional Hockey Academy 2


Friday January 18th Main Ice Surface

11:00am Fort Saskatchewan Rangers 4 vs. Beaumont Braves 6

1:30pm Knights of Columbus Shamrocks 3  vs. East Kootenay Ice 6

4:00pm Olds Grizzlys 6 vs. International Hpckey Academy 1

7:30pm Olds AJHL Grizzlys vs. Calgary Mustangs



Friday January 18th Auxiliary Ice Surface

1:15pm Wainwright Polar Kings 3 vs. Hollyburn Huskies 2

3:45pm Camrose Bulldogs 3 vs. Foothills Bisons 0

6:15pm Red Deer Ramada Chiefs 3 vs. Fort Saskatchewan Rangers 3

8:45pm Edge Varsity 1 vs. Beaumont Braves 2


Saturday January 19th Main Ice Surface

8:00am Hollyburn Huskies 2 vs. Camrose Bulldogs 7

10:30am Wainwright Polar Kings 4 vs. Red Deer Ramada Chiefs 6

1:00pm Foothills Bisons 6 vs. International Hockey Academy 3

3:30pm Olds Grizzlys 5 vs. Beaumont Braves 0

7:00pm Olds AJHL Grizzlys vs. Drumheller Dragons


Saturday January 19th Auxiliary Ice Surface

11:15am Fort Saskatchewan Rangers 1 vs. East Kootenay Ice 5

3:45pm Edge Varsity 4 vs. Camrose Bulldogs 5

6:15pm Knights of Columbus Shamrocks 5 vs. Hollyburn Huskies 2

8:45pm East Kootenay Ice 7 vs. Wainwright Polar Kings 3

Sunday January 20th Main Ice Surface

8:00am 11th International Hockey Academy vs. 12th Hollyburn 4   Shoot out

10:45am 7th Foothills 0 vs. 8th Wainwright 3

1:15pm 3rd East Kootenay 6 vs. 4th Red Deer 3            (Bronze Medal winners Kootenay Ice)

3:45pm 1st Olds Grizzlys 9 vs. 2nd Camrose 1              (Gold Medal Winners Olds Grizzlys)

Sunday January 20th Auxiliary Ice Surface

9:15am 9th Knights of columbus 5  vs. 10th Fort Saskatchewan 2

1:30pm 5th Beaumont 6 vs. 6th Edge 4