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Billeting Grizzly Players

The Olds Grizzlys are always looking for families in the local Olds area who are interested in opening their doors and give the team's players a home away from home during the season. 

 Without host families the hockey club would be hard pressed to succeed. These local families open up their homes allowing our players to join their families. Our billets spend a great deal of time, energy, and commitment to ensure that our players are able to live comfortably and are able to compete each night. 

Since Grizzlys players range in age from 16 - 20, the billet families act as surrogate parents for the young men during hockey season while the players are away from home. Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for all those willing to open up their homes to dedicated players of the Grizzlys organization. Many families who have billeted in the past usually look back at their experience with fond memories. In fact, many families still keep in contact with their players as they move through the ranks of college and professional hockey. 

The team's billeting coordinator matches each player's personality and backgrounds with quality billet homes. Furthermore, each potential billet is carefully screened and presented with our team's expectations of the billet family. Personal visits are done throughout the season to ensure that both player and billet family are meeting those expectations and guidelines. 

All players are to remember that their billets are there new home away from home and are expected to follow and adhere to the general rules and guidelines set forth by the hockey club. Respect for the billet family and their household is a priority and should not be taken for granted. 

To qualify as a billet, families are required to provide a player with his own room throughout the season, and provide the player with his meals. In exchange, the families receive a stipend to help pay for groceries, discounted tickets to home games, and invitations to team events. 

However, in reality not every player/family match will be met with un-denying success. Sometimes chemistry and/or expectations might be lacking to continue on with the relationship in a positive manner for one or both parties. When this happens, we will make our best attempt towards making the necessary changes to ensure everyone is happy and comfortable with their arrangements. 

For more information contact Cindy Tookey 403-556-3763

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