Hockey School Schedule & Skater Groups

The daily schedule for the 2015 Olds Grizzlys Hockey School is available by CLICKING HERE . Those participating in the nightly conditioning camp will skate from 7pm Р8pm Mon РFri.

Registration will take place on August 10 from 7:30am to 10:00am. Participants will be responsible to bring their own lunch each day. The OMHA concession will be open but will only have a minimal inventory available.

Because of the high number of registrants this year we have moved some participants into different age groups to balance out the number of skaters. If you need any additional information please call the office @ 403-556-1121 or Head Coach Dana Lattery @ 1-403-968-9877

Group 1
Johnston, Dermot
Klys, Canter
Klys, Gage
Johannson, Gavin
Pross, Ayden
Rambo – Herbert, Dylan
Blatz, Kaleb
Andersen, Chase
Glass, Evan
Pick, Jager
Sawatzky, Aaron
Sawatzky, Connor
Leaver, Jaren
Hynes, Sheena
Marsh, Isaac
Nygard, Galvin
Sloan, Nicholas
Stockall, Emry
Hunter, Levi
Zurkan, Brett
Konschuh, Gavin
Hartsook, Cooper
Winther, Dean
Winther, Wayne
Pappas, Talan
Pappas, Kyla
Miller, Nate
Thoms, Oliver
Overwater, Paxton
Hanna, Evan
Kelly, Sean
Mierke, Ryder
McAllister, Dallon

Group 2
Janke, Kyro
Stoddard, Blake
Williamson, Drew
Aarsby, Chase
Aarsby, Wyatt
Miller, Jarrett
Griffin, Dylan
Waiting, Liam
Pappas, Landon
Flewelling, Nathan
Lamb, Brooks
Visser, Ashton
Schultz, Doran
Dolinski, Jace
Clark, Samuel
Vince, Dawson
Eddyvean, Kaitlyn
McDonald, Jackson
Pagan, Colby
Pieper, Andrew
Robblee, Abbey
Eddyvean, Jonathan
Sept, Hayden
Lamb, Lucah

Group 3
Lynch, Tiernan
Leischner, Simon
Franke, Kaden
Campbell, Colton
Read, Jake
Sperle, Ethan
Martinez, Ethan
Martinez, Carter
O'Neill, Dillon
Mcbeath, Robert
Buck, Logan
Warkentin, Sharon
Graham, Owen
Graham, Tanner
Hodgson, Keenan
Munro, Declan