Our family needs Your family…. Billet homes required…


As the restrictions are slowly lifting for the 2020-21 Hockey Season, a lot of changes will need to be implemented. The AJHL is allowing teams to carry 25 players thru the season instead of the previous 23.

This larger roster comes with additional Billet homes for players.

The Olds Grizzly?s team has made a few new changes in the off season making the start up of 2020-21 very exciting.

Billet Host Families are a staple to any organization, it allows players from outside the immediate area the opportunity to play at the AJHL level and have a home away from home. Billet Host Families are a critical aspect to our team. Without Billet Host Families we have no team.

This year the Olds Grizzly?s team is looking to home about 10 players for the 2020-21.

If you are interested in becoming a Billet Family please contact via email to
craerobb@hotmail.com or admin@oldsgrizzlys.com