Seasons Retirement Communities Visit Grizzlys

The Grizzlys were delighted to receive a visit from members of the Seasons Retirement Communities in Olds. The seniors, along with members of the staff, came down to the Sportsplex last week to catch the Grizzlys before their daily practice. The main point of this visit was to take a picture of a quilt, which was made by the members of the retirement community, with the team. This quilt has an interesting story, which we are happy to share: 

The Seasons Quilt was created to commemorate Canada 150. Each Seasons and Sunrise Village Retirement Community created a square and in May, Seasons had the squares assembled to make the beautiful quilt. To honour the efforts of the retirement home staff and residents, the quilt is now traveling to each Seasons and Sunrise Village retirement community across Ontario and Alberta. The retirement residences have been challenged to take a photo of the quilt with a local landmark or interesting backdrop.  All photos are being posted to the Seasons Facebook page.

The Grizzlys are happy and thankful to be part of the quilt's great journey. We would like to thank the Seasons Retirement Communities in Olds for visiting us. We look forward to following the quilt's trip throughout Alberta and Ontario. All stages of this journey can be followed on the Seasons Retirement Communities facebook page.