Spring Camp 2014










Friday April 11

Skills Session

                              Teams 1 & 4 5:00-6:00                                

                                   Teams 2 & 5 6:15-7:15                  

                                   Teams 3 & 6 7:30-8:30                 

Grizzly Practice 8:45-9:45

Saturday April 12

    Teams      1vs2      8:00-9:00am

                            Teams      3vs6      9:30-10:30am

                            Teams      5vs4      11:00-12:00am

Goalie Session Teams 1-3           12:30-1:30pm

Parents Information Meeting           1:45-2:00pm

              Goalie Session Teams 4-6             2:00-3:00pm

                             Teams       2vs3        3:15-4:15pm

                             Teams       6vs5        4:45-5:45pm

                             Teams       4vs1        6:15-7:15pm

Grizzly Practice 8:30-9:30

Sunday April 12

     Teams      1vs3      8:00-9:00am

                             Teams      4vs6      9:30-10:30am

                             Teams      5vs2      11:00-12:00am

Grizzly Practice 12:30-1:30

         Teams       2vs4        2:15-3:15pm

                              Teams       6vs1        3:45-4:45pm

                             Teams       3vs5        5:15-6:15pm

NOTE: We will be meeting with each player indiviudally after

their final ice time on sunday, so plan accordingly please.