Spring Camp Comes to an End

Grizzlys annual spring camp for 2013-2014 spring camp came to an end late sunday afternoon.  The Grizzlys saw roughly 110 up and coming Junior stars come to the weekend evaluation camp.  6 teams competed in a skill session friday night and each team competed in 2 games both Saturday and Sunday.  Goalie sessions were held saturday afternoon between games, allowing players and coaches to shoot on the goalies for a better evaluation. Each day saw all the returning Grizzly players and Coaches run through an hour practice during the spring camp.  “We wanted to get the guys back to help us out at spring camp as well as get them together on the ice for a last skate before they head home for the summer and prepare for fall” said coach Brett Hopfe ” The practice wasn't anything to intense.  You know it's like when you haven't seen buddies for a while, you just wanna meet up on the pond, throw your sticks in the middle and play some old fashioned shinny.”.  Grizzlys players helped coach and ref each of the games and could be seen as a huge presence around the rink  during the camp.  The camp was extremely competitve and fast paced. “We give huge credit to our scouts who have spend countless hours out in the rinks watching these guys night in and out, talking to parents, talking to coaches, getting us the right players to camp. We wanted it to be competitive, we wanted it to be an experience, we wanted every kid who put on a jersey for us this spring to feel our culture” said coach Hopfe. ” We were overly impressed to say the least.  There were some great young talent and some kids who were ready to step into the lineup next year, but talent aside I was most impressed with the compete level of these kids.  They weren't just playing for an evaluation so much as they were here to prove they wanted to be an Olds Grizzly.  Exciting, cause this is the culture we are building here.”.  When Hopfe was asked about who was a standout at camp he stated ” All 110 kids were, I can't remeber one kid that didn't lay it on the line. Definitely there is a few kids that can and will step into the lineup next year, but if it wasn't for the level of competition that was displayed out there, we wouldn't have been able to evaluate it to the level we did.  I'm really excited for this summer and I can't wait for that fresh sheet of ice to get put back in in August so we can get started again… Unfinished business!!!” 


     Grizzlys will be hosting their annual awards banquet on April 26th.  Tickets are $50 and can be purchased at the Grizzly office or contact Joel at joel@oldsgrizzlys.com 403-556-1121. Come help us celebrate a great group of graduating 20's and celebration of a very succesfull season!