Statement from the Olds Grizzlys Hockey Club

October 31, 2020

Over the couple days, the Alberta Junior Hockey League has seen a influx of players come from the Canadian Hockey League (WHL, OHL, QMJHL) to join teams in our league on a short term bases.  The Olds Grizzlys have also had the opportunity to take advantage of this situation as well.

After internal conversations within our Board of Directors and also with our General Manager / Head Coach Scott Atkinson, the Olds Grizzlys have made the decision not to add any Major Junior players at this time.

The Grizzlys have been working extremely hard to rebuild our once proud and historic reputation over the last couple years as a place where young players can come and not only develop as hockey players but be good citzens as well.  The feeling that adding these players for the opportunity of possible short term success and then the player leaving after Christmas to re-join their respective Canadian Hockey League teams goes against our values of recuiting and development.

The Grizzlys have made a commitment to the players and their families that we have recuited and on our roster this season and we will continue with that philosophy and stay the course.

Go Grizzlys!