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The Olds Grizzlys




Olds, Alberta


Alberta Junior Hockey League





Home arena

Olds Sportsplex


Black, gold and white

Franchise history


Taber Golden Suns


Olds Grizzlys



The Olds Grizzlys joined the AJHL after the Taber Golden Suns franchise relocated to Olds following the 1980-81season.

The Olds Grizzlys is a community based team operated by a board of directors that oversee hockey operations.

The Olds Grizzlys as a member of the Alberta Junior Hockey League has fostered the development of young athletes who have gone on to become Ivy League Champions and Graduates and Community Leaders.  The Alberta Junior Hockey League continues to be the premier developmental League in Canada for student-athletes striving to capitalize on their athletic and academic abilities.

The Grizzlys enjoyed a dynasty in the mid 1990’s

In 1992 the Olds Grizzlys were AJHL Champions!

In 1993 the Olds Grizzlys were AJHL Champions!

In 1994 the Olds Grizzlys were AJHL Champions, Doyle Cup Champions, Abbot Cup Champions and then took the Centennial Cup on home ice as national champions!

The following former Grizzlys have gone on to play in the NHL: Darcy Campbell, Phil Crowe, Kevin Haller, Matthew Yeats, Jay Rosehill, and Nathan Lawson.

Many more Olds Grizzlys have on to various levels of NCAA Hockey programs and to CIS Hockey programs and then on to minor professional careers. There are a number of Olds Grizzlys that have represented their country in International Competition.

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