Welcome to the new Grizzlys Homepage

The Olds Grizzlys are pleased to announce the launch of their new website on August 29, 2012.  The new website, www.oldsgrizzlys.ca, will launch as part of the new AJHL Network.  Beginning August 29, all traffic to www.oldsgrizzlys.com will be re-directed to www.oldsgrizzlys.ca.  The AJHL Network creates a standardized format for all members of the Alberta Junior Hockey League and will create a more user friendly website for all 16 teams.


According to Grizzlys Business Operations Manager Rob Turville, “The league is moving in the right direction with the creation of the AJHL Network.  Fans will be able to access similar information from all of the team’s websites in an easy to navigate format.  The AJHL and its member’s websites will have a similar design to the NHL Network and its affiliate teams sites.  This will allow us to market and promote our sponsors while providing in-depth information and statistics on the Olds Grizzlys organization.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the Olds Grizzlys and the AJHL moving forward in the future.”


The AJHL Network was just recently introduced to its members and Turville indicated there may be a few bugs to work out initially, “There is a lot of information to import to the new website and I’m sure there will be a break in period to begin with.  We will continually work hard to ensure that all information will be kept up to date as soon as possible.  The new format is completely different than our existing format, so there will be a lot to learn in little time.”


For more information on the launch of the new website, please feel free to contact Rob at 403-556-1121.