About our Alumni:
In the early 1980’s, the Taber Golden Suns moved to Olds and became the Grizzlys for the 1981-
82 season. For the past forty plus years, the Olds Grizzlys have been the pride of the Olds community,
uniting fans from across Olds and region for the black and gold. Over the past four decades, the Grizzlys
organization has graduated players who have made and are making successful contributions on and off
the ice. Many of our players have gone on to play in the NCAA, the AHL, and the NHL, among other post-
Junior teams and pro contracts. The Grizzlys are committed to not only building great players, but great
people too. Many of our players have also gone on to become leaders in business, public service and
social development, in addition to the many who are in involved in giving back to the game we love
through hockey leadership, coaching, training and managing.
Our alumni are committed to giving back to the hockey club that gave them so much during
their Junior years, and they demonstrate their commitment to our organization through numerous
endeavours, programs and events. If you are an alumni of the Grizzly hockey family and would like to be
added to our alumni communications list or would like to become involved in our alumni initiatives,
please email or contact President (and Grizzly alumni) Josh Erdman.

Upcoming Alumni Events:
Watch for our community induction ceremony at a Grizzly
game in the 2023-2024 season.