Billeting Grizzly Players
The Olds Grizzlys are always looking for families in the local Olds area who are interested in opening their doors and giving the team's players a home away from home during the season.

Without host families the hockey club would be hard pressed to succeed. These local families open up their homes allowing our players to join their families. Our billets spend a great deal of time, energy, and commitment to ensure that our players are able to live comfortably and are able to compete each night.

As Grizzlys players range in age from 16 - 20, the billet families act as surrogate parents for the young men during hockey season while the players are away from home. Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for all  willing to open up their homes to dedicated players of the Grizzlys organization. Many families who have billeted in the past usually look back at their experience with fond memories. In fact, many families still keep in contact with their players as they move through the ranks of college and professional hockey.

The team's billeting coordinator matches each player's personality and backgrounds with quality billet homes. Furthermore, each potential billet is carefully screened and presented with our team's expectations of the billet family. Personal visits are done throughout the season to ensure that both player and billet family are meeting those expectations and guidelines.

All players are to remember that their billets are their new "home away from home" and are expected to follow and adhere to the general rules and guidelines set forth by the hockey club. Respect for the billet family and their household is a priority and should not be taken for granted.

Billet Family Responsibilities

  • Furnished Bedroom
  • Nutritious, high caloric meals
  • Maintain open communication with their player(s).  All questions/concerns regarding the player should be directed as per the Billet Manual
  • Establishing boundaries/house rules and enveloping the player into your family is of utmost importance.

Billet Family Benefits

  • A Family membership so that all your family can come to games for free
  • Several social functions with the team.
  • Discounts at some Community Businesses
  • The amazing and rewarding experience of having a Olds Grizzly stay in your home; building memories and relationships that last a lifetime!

Contact the Olds Grizzlys Billet Coordinator, Julie Johnston at  or 403-507-967 for more information!

Thank you for considering being a part of the Olds Grizzlys organization and becoming a billet family!!


How long does a billet player stay?
Typically, a player is assigned a billet family at the end of training camp each August.  AJHL hockey has set trade deadlines throughout the year; therefore, your player may be with your family for as short a time as a few weeks or, in most cases, until the end of the hockey season in March with playoffs continuing into April.  Returning players may decide with their billet families to return sooner than this.

What is the host family NOT required to supply?
While we ask for players to receive nutritious meals and snack options, billet families are not required to supply additional muscle/training supplements/powders or training related items. (Ex. protein drinks, vitamins).

What is expected out of the player?
The player is expected to help their billet family around the house (mowing grass, shoveling snow, washing their dishes, doing their laundry, keeping rooms tidy etc.).  Players are directed to always communicate with their billet families (texting when they will be late for meals or making you aware of when team building activities are scheduled) to ensure that scheduling of household events remain smooth.  We encourage you to incorporate your player into your family’s routine!

What happens if our family leaves for travel while the player is with us?
Billet families and the player(s) are responsible to communicate in advance all necessary housekeeping/travel plans to ensure the player(s) schedule and performance can be maintained. Players may remain in the home alone if the billet family approves or other arrangements can be made to house and provide meals for the billet while the family is away. Please contact the Billet Coordinator to provide contact numbers and dates your family will be away during the season.

Am I required to provide a hot pregame cooked meal?
We encourage players to communicate with their billet family to find out what method works the best for everyone involved. Whether the player(s) cooking for themselves, the billet family cooking, or warming up meals; we ask the billet families to develop a routine that works for your household.  Meal prep and cooking are valuable life skills for your players to participate in.

We are terribly busy and aren’t home a lot during the day and evening, due to our work and kids’ schedules. Can we still billet? We ask that when you consider being a billet family, you understand you are bringing a player into your home and treating them as one of your own. The player’s day is highly routine with daily practices, dry land training, team bonding activities, attending school, and attending community appearances (i.e. reading week in local schools, marketing promos).  This leaves smaller pockets for downtime and for some part time or casual employment.

What happens if we take a billet, and it just does not work out for our family?
Making the billeting experience fun and rewarding for all parties is our utmost goal. If at anytime you feel that you are not able to continue your commitment to billeting, family responsibilities change, or your family and your player are not a good fit; PLEASE contact the Billet Coordinator ASAP!!!  These things happen…life happens! The Billet Coordinator is your liaison between your household and the organization.  The Billet Coordinator is always prepared to assist in moderating difficult situations, finding alternative accommodations, and providing support to our billet families. Without YOU we have no team!!

Whether single, married, a young family, lonely in your empty nest or enjoying your retirement; if billeting is something you may wish to get involved with, we would love to hear from you and answer any outstanding questions!!!

Contact the Olds Grizzlys Billet Coordinator – Julie Johnston at  for more information on billeting!