Message from the Grizzlys about Start of regular season and ticket availability

November 9, 2020

The Olds Grizzlys would like to thank all our parents, billet parents, sponsors and fans for their patience and understanding during our exhibition cohort series.  With the 2020/21 regular season being days away after much uncertainly, as everyone is aware, under AHS guidelines we are only able to accommodate 100 fans.  On many nights this season that means some of our parents, billet parents, sponsors and fans might not get to come into the Olds Sportsplex to watch the Grizzlys. We do apologize for this but understand it is out of our control.  So, here is how we will be making tickets available for purchase for the regular season:

1) Selling 4 game blocks, first block will be November 14th, 21st, 28th and December 5th. We will offer it up to all the parents, limit 2 per household at $20 each ($80 for all 4). We will release any unsold parent tickets 48 hours before game time.

2) For the billet parents ONLY, we will offer 1 game at a time at $12, limit 2 per billet household, to a maximum of 20 billet tickets per game.  Any unsold tickets will be released to the general public 48 hours before game time at $20.

3) We will sell 24 tickets, per game, to the General public.  

4) We also must keep tickets available for the NCAA & NHL scouts who will be attending games

We understand that regardless of how we plan to make tickets available, there will be disappointment. We are trying our best to make things as fair as possible while dealing with the guidelines and restrictions we face with the COVID 19 pandemic.  We want to create a safe, healthy environment for everyone who comes to watch our Grizzlys.
We thank you for your understanding, patience and support during these times.

Trent Wilhauk
Governor / Vice President
Olds Grizzlys Hockey Club